Friday, July 25, 2014

Murphy's Law and EcoAquariums

There's a Murphy's Law that states: "Develop a foolproof system and only a fool will use it", while our EcoAquariums are far from foolproof, they do have a bit of intelligent engineering behind them that make them as close to maintenance-free as you can get with any aquarium. But there's times, based on some of the letters we've received, that makes us give pause as to how well Ol' Murphy and his laws can be right on the mark.

With anything involving living organisms, there are countless things can happen, all depending on outside influences. Here at Wild Creations, we encounter problems from concerned customers about their EcoAquariums that run the gamut.

"I was afraid my Frogs were getting too hot, so I placed then in front of the air conditioner... now they just sit there..."   Frogs are amphibian's, meaning they're cold-blooded, they depend on their environment temperature. If the environment is cold, amphibians become cold, and tend to hibernate...or die. Dwarf Frogs were originally from the rain forests of West Africa, not a place commonly known for Air Conditioning. The Smart Thing: Keep your EcoAquarium within a moderately comfortable temperature of 70 to 80 degrees.

"I didn't think my frog was getting enough air so I took the lid my frog's missing."
The oxygen that the bamboo produces, along with the feeding hole in the lid allow for plenty of air. The lid serves several keeps the dust and junk out, keeps water from evaporating too quickly...and keeps wayward frogs from exploring too far.

"I didn't like the ugly brown rocks so I didn't use it in my EcoAquarium...why is my water all cloudy and my frogs dying?" The "Ugly" brown gravel is the "third leg" of the entire eco-system, the gravel is infused with beneficial anaerobic bacteria that serves as the "filter" for the EcoAquarium. Without it, it'll be hard for the EcoAquarium to establish a healthy environment.
"I keep my Cube in sunlight so the bamboo can grow....why is my water green?" You'd think that bamboo needs needs lots of sun but not so... it's a grass that thrives in indirect sunlight. Most importantly, just like all aquariums, too much sunlight can trigger an algae bloom, which can really muck things up. Keep your EcoAquarium off the window sill & it'll do fine.

Happily, most of the problems that may arise can easily be fixed, and while there's always something that may come along that could be a real head-scratcher, you can count on us at Wild Creations to help you work things out. Drop us a line, anytime.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frogs in Space!

This photo which circulated around the internet last fall of a frog, taking an unexpected flight via a rocket -- may seem unusual. But #rocketfrog, as the little guy has become known, is not the first amphibian to, with the help of some human ingenuity, get a little closer to the final frontier. Nor is it the second. Nor is it the third. NASA and other space agencies, in their zeal to test the effects of microgravity on different organisms, have sent many, many other frogs into space -- not accidentally, as was the case with this launch, but purposely. For science. 
The following is a brief a brief history of frogs in space. Frogonauts, if you will.  READ MORE

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Frogs don't Dance

OK we admit, our frogs don't dance. They stand up and look at you, & might even take a food pellet from a fingertip, but dance? Nope. That's why we think a dancing dog... a dancing Merengue Dog is pretty neat!

Work Piling Up?

Feel like this huge load of stuff piled up on you over the weekend?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Relax to Frog Sounds

Those of us living in the South sometimes take this stuff for granted. We're sure it's the same elsewhere too. However, the sounds of nature holds a special mesmerizing attraction to everyone, and especially to those too often deprived of it. City dwellers mostly, those who have lived around the sounds of industry & car traffic so much, that when they do come hear nature sounds, it's something totally foreign & exotic. For us "country folk', it can't be the other way around, I doubt I'd ever relax to the sounds of rush hour traffic... just no way! But listening to a chorus of frogs in the night, it'll send me off to sleep in no time.
There's quite a growing industry for "Relaxation Sounds". Youtube is full of long playlists of the sounds of nature, hours of it. And checking out the hit counters of a number of them, the popularity is huge.
So we thought that leading into the weekend, we offer this Hour of "Frog Song" to help everyone depressurize & relax. We hope you enjoy the sounds of Nature.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How long can you hold your breath?

We marvel at our little African Dwarf Frogs. The world they live in requires them to hold their breath for most of their lives. They come to the surface, gulp air into their lungs and submerge, over & over. All their lives, they live underwater on gulps of air.
Can you imagine trying to live like this? Impossible for humans... or is it. Here's someone who rivals our aquatic frogs in his lung capacity, able to swim to crushing depths on a gulp of air, not only for minutes at a time but to also fish for food underwater. See how long you can hold your breath while you watch this Underwater Hunter ply his trade.

Petr Spatina & The Glass Harp

We don't suggest trying this with an EcoAquarium, don't want to dip your fingers in the water.  Meet Petr Spatina from the Czech Republic. Petr played Accordion and Piano until he finally found „his" instrument, the Glass Harp which he plays now for over 15 years.
The Glass Harp consists of 33 wine glasses, filled and tuned with water.
The spherical sound of his music is bewitching, seems to be from outer space, unbelievably made. Not just any street musician, Petr is known world wide, because of his TV appearances. One things for certain... You can bet he can make the dog howl!
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